Different Merch

In the last post we talked about Megazord and how he is pretty much the greatest thing to ever exist. Megazord combines all the best dinosaur robots into one massive robot shaped like a human. This may be what actually happened to the dinosaurs! Did the dinosaurs really all die out? Or, did they just fuse with each other and become man? That would be really awesome if they did. But, I guess we’ll never know.

Today, I wanted to talk about some of my favorite Power Rangers merchandise. There are already a lot of great places that talk about it. There you can see some of the different types of merchandise and toys available. I think there will be a lot more stuff after the movie comes out in March, though.


I think it’s going to be like Transformers. Before the movie came out people were excited, but they didn’t want to buy a t shirt with Optimus Prime on it because they didn’t know if the movie was going to be an good. But, when the movie came out and it was awesome and Michael Bay literally manifested glorious robot action into existence, everybody wanted a T shirt with Optimus Prime on it.

So it will be with Power Rangers.

No on knows if it’s going to be any good or not. The Power Rangers themselves are all unknown. That, though, is usually a good thing for super hero movies. You don’t want to be thinking about the actor when you’re watching a scifi movie. You don’t want to be thinking about who they’re dating, or what fights they are having. You want t fresh face that you have never seen before so you can focus on the story and the awesome CG action of robots and rangers flying everywhere. This is why George Lucas chooses unkown people for the Star Wars Movies. It’s harder to believe that Tom Cruise is in a galaxy far away a long time ago than someone you’ve just never seen before.

But, as it is, no one knows if the movie will be good. But, I think it will be great. So, I’m going to go ahead and buy my Power Rangers merchandise now. I’m going to get some fan t shirts, a toy sword, some Power Ranger Toys, some action figures, and whatever else I can find that impresses my spirit animal.

I’m checking out this red ranger t shirt, which looks pretty cool. I think that it is one of the better looking t shirts out there. If you look at some of the other t shirts, you’ll see that they don’t necessarily look like the real thing on the show. But, this one looks good. It’s the retro style, but I think those will be really popular, too. I’m not sure how they’re going to pull off the new Power Rangers suit look. It kind of looks like an exoskeleton. If you’re only wearing the shirt you might look like some kind of insect. We will see.


That’s my favorite item so far. I may get some other t shirts, too. It looks like they have all the colors and they have a sale to where you buy 3 and get the fourth one for free. I’m not sure what I will do with a fourth Power Rangers T-shirt. I could dress like the Red Ranger on Monday, the Blu Ranger on Tuesday, the Black Ranger on Wednesday, the Yellow Ranger on Friday. I guess I’ll have to pay full price for the Pink Ranger t shirt, but one must pay the price for perfection.

I wonder if there is a Zordon shirt. I could just wear my bathrobe. I’m not really sure what Zordon would dress like. I guess that’s a subject for the next article.