Ready for Power?

Sol Power Cooperative is the newest fan club for Power Rangers. With the power of the sun, we can harness the energy we need to defeat Rita Repulsa and her muscular friend, Lord Zed. In case you forgot, here is a picture of him.

Lord Zedd
Bring me my Cheetos

However, when the Power Rangers unite, they can defeat any enemies. Sometimes, though they have to get inside of big robots shaped like animals and dinosaurs. This often solves the problem. However, the bad guys usually have another trick up their sleeve where they have the power to increase in size and become a big Godzilla-like monster. In that case, the animal/dinosaur robots combine into one big man-shaped robot that combines all their powers. This guy is called Megazord, and he is powered by 90s electric guitar riffs. Megazord is not to be trifled with.


Once this happens, the villain will inevitably crumble and run away to plot once more how to defeat the Power Rangers.

Also, here’s a great video of a kid showing off his bomb moves with his new Power Rangers Merchandise – Website and his gear form the new movie. It’s a great place to check out some of the latest from the movie. There are lots of t shirts and toys to choose from.